Color Research & Application

The Colour Collective Sydney is proud to support the leading peer-reviewed colour journal: Color Research and Application. A number of colleagues in the Australian colour community have published peer-reviewed papers in this journal, including Paul Green-Armytage and Zena O'Connor - both of whom have also acted as reviewers for Color Research and Application.

Paul Green-Armytage

Green‐Armytage P. (2018). Relating Munsell to other systems in an elastic colour solid. Color Research and Application, 43 (6), pp815–826

AL-Ayash, A. and Kane, R. and Smith, D. and Green-Armytage, P. (2015). The influence of color on student emotion, heart rate, and performance in learning environments. Color Research & Application. Color Research & Application. 41 (2), pp 96-205.

Green-Armytage, P. (2006). The Value of Knowledge for Colour Design. Color Research and Application. 31 (4): pp253-269.

Green-Armytage, P. (2006), Talking about color … design and colour science—Where next?. Color Research and Application, 31 (4), pp250-252.

Zena O'Connor

O’Connor, Z. (2015). Colour, contrast and Gestalt theories of perception: The impact in contemporary visual communications design. Color Research and Application, 40 (1), pp85-92.

O’Connor, Z. (2011). Colour psychology and colour therapy: Caveat emptor. Color Research and Application, 36 (3), pp229-234.

O’Connor, Z. (2011). Logo colour and differentiation: A new application of environmental colour mapping. Color Research and Application, 36 (1), pp55-60.

O’Connor, Z. (2010). Colour harmony revisited. Color Research and Application, 35 (4), pp267-273.

To view these papers and more, go to Color Research and Application website via this link.

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