AIC Newsletter - June 2021

The June 2021 issue of the AIC Newsletter featured our International Colour Day Competition including fifteen images that were submitted to our Instagram ICD competition. We are thrilled that these fabulous, creative images from competition Winner Natalie O’Connor and Second…

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Color Impact 2021

The Colour Collective Sydney are proud media partners of Color Impact 2021, the virtual conference completely dedicated to Architectural Colour. 

This is a conference where participants can engage with world-class speakers at Q&A Sessions and dip in to Short Courses…

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Upcoming event with Rox De Luca - Stay tuned!

This is the talented Rox De Luca, whose artworks caught our eye with their wonderful colours and textures, and then stopped us in our tracks when we discovered they are composed of plastics found in the sand at Bondi Beach…

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StoryVoice CPD session - Architects & Designers

This CPD session, developed and delivered by Jonathan Watcham, focuses on a new approach to marketing communications for architects, designers and creative professionals.

StoryVoice harnesses  authentic narratives to help develop personal branding and create meaningful, high-quality social media content. Connecting…

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The Whitest White is so Cool

With the intention of helping to curb global warming, researchers at Purdue University in Indiana have created the whitest paint yet. Their research indicates that coating buildings with this paint may help to cool them and reduce the need for…

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International Colour Day 2021 Awards

There were over 160 entries for our International Colour Day Awards 2021!

The fabulous entries featured a huge range of subjects and media from nature photography to gif and video design; from gouache painting to acrylic and digital art, as…

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Specified vs. Perceived Colour CPD Webinar

This CPD webinar provides evidence-based information for architects and designers, and focuses on managing the factors that impact specified colour in the built environment. Commissioned and hosted by Resene, New Zealand, and presented by Dr Zena O'Connor, you can view…

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International Colour Day Awards

We are excited to announce our 2021 International Colour Day Award!  It's open to images of all work that features colour across any field - art, architecture, design, photography, advertising, film, student or graduate work - completed within 12 months…

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AIC2021 Conference - Milan

AIC2021 is shaping up to be an exciting online event!  With all presentations in English, the program features an exciting range of speakers and colour-related topics - August 30th to September 3rd 2021 

Last chance to register for the Early…

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Colour knowledge survey

Lingua Colour is developing a new colour system for creative professionals and educators, and to achieve this, Craig Kirkwood, PhD researcher at Cardiff Metropolitan University, is conducting a survey to evaluate the level of understanding about colour among the general…

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Traditional colour theory

If you're confused about 'traditional colour theory', there's a newly published paper that clearly describes this branch of colour theory. Published in the leading journal on colour (Color Research & Application) the paper avoids confusing and conflated ideas about colour…

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AIC2020 Conference - Avignon

We were excited to contribute to AIC2020, the annual conference of the International Colour Association. Due to Covid-19, the conference was not held in Avignon as planned but online.

One of our co-founders, Zena O'Connor, presented four papers: Tactical Urbanism…

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