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Our mission is to initiate and support colour activations and interventions in applied design, built environment, marketing and branding plus hold events, CPD workshops and awards.

We are an inclusive association and welcome newcomers with an interest in colour. We encourage research and exploration in all aspects of colour, and aim to disseminate information about colour without limitation. We have links on a national and international basis including the International Colour Association (AIC) and the Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC).   Our founding members include award-winning professionals, academics and creatives:  

  • Zena O’Connor, PhD. Evidence-based colour consultant – website and LinkedIn
  • Naomi Shaw, producer and management consultant – LinkedIn
  • Jonathan Watcham, consultant, writer, coach & seminar leader - website and LinkedIn 
  • Melissa Ward, architect and designer - website and LinkedIn
  • Geoffrey Gifford, artist and designer – website and LinkedIn

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Image credit:Lothar Götz mural, City of Westminster College.

Latest News

Colour Award Sponsor

The Colour Collective Sydney are proud sponsors of four Colour Awards at the Design Centre Enmore Graduate Event 2021. We continue our record of sponsoring Colour Awards, which includes multiple Colour Awards at the Sydney Design School and the Master…

Colour in the Built Environment Conference

We're excited about this conference on colour in the built environment hosted by the Oslo Planning Dept., Norway. To be held 9:00am to 2:30pm, December 1, 2021, the conference is open and free for all to register. One of our…

New articles on colour

2021 has been a bumper year for new peer-reviewed articles on colour theory and colour application. The Meeting Report of the Study Group on Environmental Colour Design of the International Colour Association conference AIC2021 has just been published in Color…

Encyclopedia - Updated!

The updated 2021 edition of Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology has been published! This is an excellent resource for those interested in colour across all its manifestations as well as colour theory and colour application. We are chuffed that…

ACIA - Colour Design for Aged Care

An important workshop session initiated by the Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA) is presented by Dr Zena O’Connor, one of the founders of the Colour Collective Sydney. ‘Colour Design for Aged Care and Dementia Care’ is a CPD seminar that…


In an initiative aimed at bolstering community connection and positivity during the extended Sydney Covid-19 lockdown in July-August 2021, the Colour Collective Sydney hosted a social media-based project. The colour community in Sydney was encouraged to post images on Instagram…

AIC Newsletter

The latest AIC Newsletter featured our International Colour Day Competition and fifteen images submitted to our Instagram ICD competition. A quarterly publication of the International Colour Association, the newsletter is distributed worldwide.

We are thrilled that these fabulous, creative images…

Color Impact 2021

The Colour Collective Sydney are proud media partners of Color Impact 2021, the virtual conference completely dedicated to Architectural Colour. 

This is a conference where participants can engage with world-class speakers at Q&A Sessions and dip in to Short Courses…

Upcoming event with Rox De Luca - Stay tuned!

This is the talented Rox De Luca, whose artworks caught our eye with their wonderful colours and textures, and then stopped us in our tracks when we discovered they are composed of plastics found in the sand at Bondi Beach…

StoryVoice CPD session - Architects & Designers

This CPD session, developed and delivered by Jonathan Watcham, focuses on a new approach to marketing communications for architects, designers and creative professionals.

StoryVoice harnesses  authentic narratives to help develop personal branding and create meaningful, high-quality social media content. Connecting…

International Colour Day 2021 Awards

There were over 160 entries for our International Colour Day Awards 2021!

The fabulous entries featured a huge range of subjects and media from nature photography to gif and video design; from gouache painting to acrylic and digital art, as…

Specified vs. Perceived Colour CPD Webinar

This CPD webinar provides evidence-based information for architects and designers, and focuses on managing the factors that impact specified colour in the built environment. Commissioned and hosted by Resene, New Zealand, and presented by Dr Zena O'Connor, you can view…

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Previous events

Date Event Location
 —  — Colour Psychology CPD Session Work Inc, Lavender Bay Work Inc, Lavender Bay
StoryVoice CPD Workshop for Architects & Designers Work Inc, Lavender Bay Work Inc, Lavender Bay
 —  — Perceived vs. Specified Colour Resene CPD webinar Resene CPD webinar
 —  — Demystifying Colour - CPD session Online webinar Online webinar
Demystifying Colour - CPD session Online webinar Online webinar
Demystifying Colour - CPD webinar Online webinar Online webinar
 —  — Colour Apps + Tools CPD Session Work Inc, Lavender Bay Work Inc, Lavender Bay
 —  — Effective Colour Design for Aged Care & Healthcare CPD Session Online webinar Online webinar
Demystifying Colour - CPD webinar Online webinar Online webinar
Demystifying Colour - CPD webinar Online webinar Online webinar
Demystifying Colour: Making sense of different colour models & systems Resene CPD Webinar Resene CPD Webinar
 —  — Colour Apps + Tools Workshop Online webinar Online webinar
 —  — Colour Fundamentals Workshop Webinar Webinar
 —  — Colour Psychology Webinar Webinar
Marketing for Architects, Designers + Building Professionals CPD Webinar CPD Webinar
 —  — Social Media 101 Webinar Webinar
 —  — Colour Psychology Workshop (Architects) CPD Webinar CPD Webinar
 —  — Colour Contrast for Orientation and Wayfinding Resene CPD webinar Resene CPD webinar
 —  — Colour Design for Healthcare & Aged Care - webinar Online Online
Colour Fundamentals - 12 week online course Online Online