Colour Awards Sponsor

The Colour Collective Sydney are proud sponsors of four Colour Awards at the Design Centre Enmore Graduate Event 2021. The DCE Graduate Awards night occurred on Wednesday December 1, 2021 and each of the four Colour Award winners received a Kolormondo Pro Globe valued at $150 each. 

Kate Barnett - Kate displays an innate understanding of the impact of colour in interior design. She devises well-considered colour schemes that effectively use colour contrast to draw attention to key design features. In addition, she allocates colour contrasts not just in terms of hue but in terms of variations in tonal value and chroma level, while maintaining a cohesive overall colour scheme. Instagram: @katebarnettdesign

Ngoc Nguyen - Ngoc creates interior colour schemes that are carefully considered, visually appealing and always relevant to the design brief. Depending on the brief, her colour schemes often feature an underlying neutral scheme enlivened by the bold but restrained use of full chroma hues and at times, immersive tonal values.  Instagram: @bt_home27

Jackson Hastie - Jackson explores the use of colour through a careful examination of imagery relevant to each design brief and he translates his understanding of colour application through to his hand renderings and digital renderings. Jackson's approach to colour in interior design reflects his interest in and deep understanding of the preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse of heritage buildings and interiors. Instagram: @vintage_jacko

Jessica Robinson - Jessica's use of colour in interior design displays an innate understanding of the way in which the colours inherent in materials can draw a scheme together, creating a cohesive overall colour scheme. Jessica allocates the attributes of colour in a thoughtful and meaningful way to suit each individual brief and her use of saturated colour across different tonal values is highly effective.

The Colour Collective continues our record of sponsoring Colour Awards. We have sponsored multiple Colour Awards at the Sydney Design School and the Master Painters Association.

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