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Our mission is to make a positive contribution to the global color community by sharing evidence-based color design information and resources. With a focus on color theory, research and application relevant to applied design and design of the built environment, we support and color activations as well as color-related events, seminars, workshops and awards 

Founded in 2017, Color Design Resources (formerly known as the Colour Collective Sydney) relocated to Muscle Shoals in 2023 and continues to have links with the International Color Association (AIC) and the Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC) through our co-founder Zena O'Connor.

Image: City of Westminster College, mural by Lothar Götz (2011).


Maitland Graves: A Critical Review

Maitland Erwin Graves (1902-1978) was born in New York city, the son of Maitland E. Graves and Josephine Cortes. A year after he was born, Graves’ father filed for bankruptcy due to a failed hotel development project and, after going…

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Colorful Landscape / Vibrant City

To celebrate International Color Day, we are excited to be participating in this online seminar - Colorful Landscape / Vibrant City.

Presented by the Environmental Color Design group of the International Color Association (AIC), the seminar details are as follows:

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Webinar Series - 2024

We're excited to partner with the Aged Care Industry Association to present a series of seminars from March through to October 2024 plus we'll have more seminars announced soon.  

Color Design for Aged Care and Dementia Care is a 2-hour…

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ISCC Webinar - January 2024

Here’s an interesting webinar from ISCC coming up on 23rd January 2024 - Exploring Dye Histories in Bold: Color from Test Tube to Textile.

The webinar coincides with the exhibition: BOLD: Color from Test Tube to Textile - which…

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Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology

The Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology, edited by Renzo Shamey, has been updated and the 2023 issue is now available. This book is an invaluable source of information and the table of contents features 800 entries. We're chuffed…

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Color Research and Application - Special Issue

The September/October 2023 issue on Environmental Color Design in Color Research and Application features eighteen articles, all of which are fascinating and at the forefront of environmental color design research including:

Doreen Balabanoff – ‘Color, light, and birth space design:…

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A New Take on Hering's Theories

This simple color model illustration relates to Ewald Hering’s opponent color theory. However, a newly published research paper reviews the psychological and physiological evidence for Hering’s Opponent Colors Theory and concludes the theory is wrong. 

According to Conway, Malik-Moraleda, &…

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Color Design Seminar - August 10

We're excited to partner with Resene Paints and Building Design Queensland for this online seminar -  Residential Color Strategies - presented by Dr Zena O'Connor. 

Presentation overview - While hue is often thought to contribute to mood and ambience plus…

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Award-winning Community Project

Today is the 6th anniversary of our award-winning community project, which was timed to coincide with Vivid Sydney 2017. The project featured saturated colors in a simple pattern that mimicked the brightly-colored yacht sails on Sydney Harbour.

Research indicates that…

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Getting it White

Thousands of white paint colors exist and this huge array of whites can complicate color scheme specification. However, three key issues are important to consider and these can help simplify white paint color specification.  

Firstly, what is the aim of…

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Online Webinar - Healthcare and Aged Care

Next session - 17 August 2023. This online webinar for architects, designers, and colour specifiers was hosted by the Aged Care Industry Association and featured evidence-based information.

Effective colour design in healthcare, aged care and dementia care has moved beyond…

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Demystifying Color - Video

We excited to share this webinar ‘Demystifying Color: Making Sense of Different Color Systems’. 

The webinar, which we did in partnership with Resene New Zealand was presented by Dr Zena O'Connor, explores the differences among key color systems including Hex…

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